yosuke yasui made a tune exclusively for the PSG parts of the DS hardware, unfortunately though it seems to be the only known tune made just for it (youtu.be/uTWeZrNfM9Q)

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minecraft bedrock is playable on waydroid (keyboard controls work as well)

does it erupt when you take a bite

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This fondue burger is covered in melted cheese

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still can't get over the fact that they made CPUs like this in the late 90s

i hope they pic games fix it

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'E' letter from the logo at Epic Games's North Carolina HQ is gone due to yesterday's typhoon

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they turned freenode into a reddit clone πŸ’€πŸ’€

holy crap fall guys bed

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nowadays we are addicted to going to bed for rest

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i made a collection of Defiled Matts. Tarnished, Impure, Improper, Born of a Mistake, Imposters.

the real Matt is the one in the top left - the rest are all Matts i've found online.

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"Please flip your CPU to side 2 to continue operation of this program."

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Dual core 68040.

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