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minecraft beta title screen panorama seed:

minecraft 1.18 title screen panorama seed:

roses are red, violets are blue


Pablo Escobar's Cocaine Hippos Are Legally People, Court Rules


question: how long does it usually take to render these in kinemaster? i wonder if i could manage to speed it up a bit

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still wanting to find a way to recreate this with other means, i feel like it would be a good idea to focus on each transition independently and open up the possibility of shuffling them

i have submitted a single unmerged PR to make building somewhat easier and that's it, that is my only contribution to anything fnf

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if i ever do anything fnf modding related (which tbh i don't see myself doing anytime soon) it'll likely just be optimization stuff

kinda considering doing some voice acting

i desperately *need* to figure out a way to solve this, everything i've tried hasn't worked so far and my life is getting significantly worse because of it now that i'm living on my own

i'm such a goddamn mess

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@ezio you could practically start your own cloud with all those machines you have lmao

jesus christ my lack of motivation is genuinely starting to kill me, in a literal sense

i should really work on building some muscle tone

kde is so good I can't wait for the steam deck to ship so that the masses can check it out

lmao remember when people thought about moving to audius after the soundcloud stuff

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