at this point i don't even care about the benefits, i might just exclusively use webp images on all of my websites out of spite

shoutouts to all of the discord client mods that just broke

decided to tune into socpens/scorpy's twitch stream for the first time and one of the sub emotes/alert icons is from the esmbot globe command

my influence grows

i think more music should be made to just seamlessly loop

i should probably git clone the source and mess around with it tbh

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i still find the concept of asahi lina pretty funny

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my point of view about talking about doing piracy on stream

wait crap this doesn't work since there are multiple differences

anyways, uh, find the most significant one

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stealth video game enemy that doesn't notice you until a bit of time has passed (kinda like mgs) except it's uncanny mr incredible and he goes through all the stages

did the nintendo 64 really have any technical reason to be 64-bit, outside of marketing? it barely addresses anything close to the 32-bit integer limit

aaaaaaaaggggggghhhhh i need more incentive/motivation to do stuff

@logan @mars not exactly - the main difference here is that redis is primarily an in-memory database (without any disk-based storage iirc), so it's used more often for caching and job queuing

huge fan of the ytmnd references on the deltarune website

actually wait, i wonder if postgresql could be used for this instead

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