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kinda wanting to make a skyblock-style modpack on 1.18 (or any recent MC version, really)

for future reference: it is unlikely that i will port any minecraft mods to forge

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i really want an unofficial minecraft launcher that has good modding support, isn't based on electron or something like that, and isn't multimc

i swear if this project ends up making twitter into more web3 garbage it's gonna be hell, i was interested at first but idk anymore


Can't wait to work with you,!


i will admit, however, that the format seems promising as a PNG competitor, considering that it's faster, the actual file layout is simpler, and the entire library is just a small C header file

i'd be lying if i said this format didn't have potential

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no, this format unfortunately does not support animation, making it unable to replace GIF

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NEW DISCORD SCAM: i send everyone in my friends list a grabify link

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