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Hey there, I'm Essem. I write software focusing on multimedia and occasionally make a joke or two. You can check out my (somewhat minimal) personal site here:

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NTSC has awful color reproduction with lower resolution, and digital devices get less time to generate video

PAL has much better color and higher resolution with digital devices having more time to generate video

SECAM is just PAL but different

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hot people who eat croissants are dangerous

when are we gonna get WASMscript so that we can finally come full circle to the 90's web

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bro i forgot courage the cowardly dog could talk 😭 i thought all he did was cream lmao

i still really want to host a proper polymer/polymc-based server at some point

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most of the server mods shown here are possible thanks to the polymer project, and can be found on modrinth:

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the stuff that can be done with a modded minecraft server nowadays - *without a modded client* - is nothing short of amazing

this is just scratching the surface

oh god i haven't uploaded anything to youtube in nearly a year what do i do

everyone who uses a chad pfp is the exact opposite of a chad

any bugs that people have been encountering lately with esmBot? getting the urge to knock some out

people don't even say "bless you" anymore they just look at you like this 💀

it has been (mostly) finished and added to the dev bot, it will be in the main bot in version 1.8.2

this was a mistake

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currently streaming the creation process here, I hope y'all are happy with what you've made me release on this earth

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