it's nice to be back on here and realizing my last post ties back into my first one back

you ever just get this bored and make a bad comic about something that no normal person should ever need to know

independent tiktok ad makers when they actually need to talk about the benefits and features of the product instead of making everything spin with a shitty transition every 2 seconds disorienting the viewer

food wars carries food insider if they suddenly cancelled it we go back to the sad world of camembert burger erupts when you take a bite

picked up "how to" a few days ago

10/10 would open a bottle with a nuclear bomb again

so after being finished with r/place I decided to check the xkcd april fools comic and I sat here for 10 minutes then checked and found out the audio file IS 9 HOURS


spent all of yesterday trying to find a way using the twitter stream api by a really inefficient function of checking a map with ids and requesting them all individually

apparently it sends a delete stream when someone in your follow param deletes it

thanks me

shout out to firefox for adding another bad UX change: automatic downloading without the "ask before downloading" panel

honestly it's incredibly sad seeing a browser i've used since day 1 when i started caring about privacy more turn into a mess of bad UX choices (proton, padding problems breaking userChrome.css sometimes, download panel), any browser recommendations with the "ask before downloading" panel still intact?

sorry for dying for about 4 days i was too busy making this

almost nobody will get this but dear god this took way too long to obtain

what is going on my fellow wet dry world mastodon instancers

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