fun steam deck update idea: if u attempt to install windows on it, it detonates instantly

who in god's name decided to add anti-sea bear protection circles to longsword in monster hunter rise
like. genuinely i just want to know who and why

ngl i usually use pre-hosted instances of invidious, nitter, libreddit, etc, but i might pull my finger out and actually host my own

not even for more privacy-based reasons or anything, but solely just to make the backgrounds of the websites amoled black without needing to use dark reader lmao

setting up sonarr, radarr and bazarr may have simultaneously been the best and worst decision ever

best because it's infinitely more convenient than just manually trawling through the process of getting shit i want

worst because that exact convenience has developed into me attempting to download a squillion shows lol

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adblocking is only like piracy in the sense that you should be doing both lmao

this was such a fucking dumb idea but i honestly vibe with it lol

i think i might start recommending cinnamon instead of KDE to people seeing as cinnamon seems a lot less buggy, too. i'm still a tiling WM person (bspwm for me), but cinnamon feels pretty damn good as floating WMs go

dude this new my chem single fucking owns. shit gave me goosebumps

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helped a friend with a project of theirs and got the greatest gift of all time as a result of it

on a related note, you may now email me at

u know i posted this jokingly but i am totally sega's bitch and will almost assuredly be getting sonic origins at some point or another lol
i am so fucking ready to own sonic 1 for the 11th(?) time

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Playing sonic the fighters again and I can't freaking get over hoe cute tails is in this game he's hust the happiest little guy 🥺

i'm just happy to have all the ps1 ff games accessible to me in a way that doesn't require me switching discs because that always sucks, whether it's physical or in-emulator tbh

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i got final fantasy 8 remastered today. i could have gotten the original for like, £3 but i seriously thought that the fast forwarding feature was locked to the remaster, and was i fuck being stuck without that shit in a long-haul RPG

turns out the original steam release also had it


worst part is, i got a key for it from a reseller so now i feel guilty *and* like a dumbass lmao

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i forgot how fucking hard the yakuza osts go. like god damn that shit slaps

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ngl, whilst i'm as much of a downer on netflix as the next financially unstable zoomer, i feel like this piracy boom may actually bite us in the arse eventually
if anything, drawing even further attention to piracy may lead to it being clamped down upon even more than it already is and that shit would suck

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