just fyi: if you buy stickers from me i will put extra surprise stickers in from my pile of random extra stickers which have too many of

русскоязычным привет, остальным соболезную

speaking of virtual machines... now i wonder, if that Windows 11 installation i have on my external hard drive still boots on The Real Hardware after i have started it once under QEMU/KVM.

eventually you have to realize that the chance of you coming up with something new is exceedingly low, and that just making your own ideal version of a thing that already exists is good enough
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Every single one of you is awesome. And you legally can not deny that.

having one of those moments where i want to do things but i don't know what to do

So wake me up, when it's all over...
When I'm wiser and I'm older...
All this time I was finding myself and I
Didn't know I was lost...

- Avicii - Wake Me Up

just thought this song fits whatever is currently happening in the world rn

referring to my button container css class ass the buttcontainer to make myself laugh
i have no idea what i'm doing i just press buttons and things happen

imagine if this place supported *markdown formatting*, it would be full blown masterpiece

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