linux distro but every package is a snap

it takes 12 minutes for the system to boot

call *that* snapOS

I have to say the greatest part of Windows 11 is when I open the Terminal application and the "Check out the NVIDIA Geforce Gaming Experience" overlay pops up, presumably because it's using Direct3D to render the terminal text or whatever.

@Dee more like SCREW YOU hahahahahaahahahahahahahaha

shite. awesome people start following me. am i really that interesting?

yay, now im compiling myself a slightly modified kernel just for the sake of using a fucking chinese bluetooth adapter. place your bets on if the GPU driver will hook up to this bullshit. im using a compatible codebase of the same kernel where said driver works as intended, but still... just in case, i know how to use TTY.

i can walk on water too its just gotta be really cold
anyone who can follow directions can bake anything.

that is why most people cannot bake

Testing a theory that dalle2 does worse at generating things the smaller they get, I discovered that it makes really mean eye charts.

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