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the baseline for deciding whether or not a music program is good is if it has Nibbles built-in

windows dependency management is stupid

what's going on in discord's backend for "outdated commands" to be a concept

Hey guys 😃 Just downloaded this new HD texture pack for Super Mario 64™️, I think it looks pretty cool! 👍

kinda wanting to find some ideas to expand on the "entertainment" focus of the bot

does anyone have any tips to make windows 10 run better on an hdd

sure do love getting messages that just say "bot no work pls fix" without any sort of hint regarding what issues you're having

I can't read minds, people

i think it would be cool and awesome if qt had global controller navigation support so that kde plasma could be navigated entirely using a controller

i should really find a way to get into actually making music, there's just so much stuff i've come up with that i want people to hear

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hello I do not believe your station is supposed to be broadcasting on this frequency

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why is this fm station simulcasting far outside the standard frequencies, and in a range not meant for broadcasting at that

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