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sorry babe, i don't have netflix, instead we're going to go into the mysterious glowing wormhole that's been in my basement for the past 20 years

whatever you do, do NOT build imagemagick inside a docker container

playing this module in deliplayer crashed the entire system

every browser besides firefox (and safari, depending on who you ask) in the bottom half uses the exact same engine, which is ironically similar to how many browsers there were based on IE 15 years ago

not much of an improvement imo


R.I.P Internet Explorer


messed up how i have a good amount of discs but can't do anything with them because my disc drive is garbage

looking for some c64 chiptunes using the fm sound expander

Uhmm... Persona 3 Portable on Xbox??? Not very "portable" if you ask me...


Persona English website updated to reflect that Persona 5 Royal will also come to PS5 and Steam; Persona 4 Golden to PS4; Persona 3 Portable to Steam and PS4

Apparently Persona 5 Royal will come to PS5 and Steam on October 21st as well


the wii was so nostalgic, rt if you love the nintendo wii!!!

holy crap guys they revealed the nintendo nx

okay timestamps aren't screwed up on my end, idk what that's about

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messed up how there aren't really any desktop environments that have proper controller navigation support

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