two of the formats listed here literally don't even exist

i genuinely want to use avif/jpeg xl with stuff but at this rate it's never happening because people will hate it because it's not jpeg, png, or gif

fun! I don't get why people hate avif and webp with such a large passion

@thatonecalculator @esm Lack of support mostly, it's somewhat fine nowadays but I presume a lot of the stigma against less known modern file formats come from way before now. I used to be one of those people but as I've slowly learned the benefits of each one (aka read the MDN article on image file types for 2 hours), they're pretty cool.

Still, up until February OF THIS YEAR, Photoshop didn't have native support until PS 23.2 and they recommend users who can't update WebPShop.

@esm if you try to directly download some images from twitter, they are .jfif, i know that from experience. and .webp is the format telegram stores stickers in

@gravitos jfif isn't a real format, it's literally just jpeg but gets named to that because of windows filetype stuff

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