spent ages debugging jekyll's implementation of sass but I finally got dynamic colors working on my website

exclusive mastodon update—I've finally picked up my site again and have begun work on the final prototype that will become the new one. watch this space

I haven't used this site for long enough that I freaked out when I saw that I was still using my old avatar here. It's strange and unnerving to me now haha

can't stop thinking about morbius. the internet has ruined me

[tries to create "branched" version of project]
[accidentally saves over original file]
[saves as branched version]
[recreates original]
[accidentally saves over branched version]
[app promptly crashes]

either that or we take the impossible route of the alternatives actually becoming an option for my use case

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forever awaiting the day when i can reliably run adobe creative cloud on linux with zero hiccups

pictured: local man forgets about website for the 3928409238th time

is there anything that you can get on amazon anymore that isn't from some weird brand that produces knockoffs

vent post 

really goin through it right now. I have this very specific kind of hopelessness where you just want to escape from it but you can't so you're just sitting there wondering what the hell you're supposed to do now

oh my god nvidia is actually kinda sorta being a team player for once. did i mandela into the wrong reality here

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i have spent about a month walking around with holes in my mouth and they're probably gonna stick around for another week or two

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wisdom teeth healing sucks actually can we talk about that

either i'm really bad at shaving or it's actually just normal to cut yourself while shaving the hairs on your neck that grow sideways

what's the deal with "bored apes" anyway. like how do you sell someone on that name. if I was behind that grift I'd call 'em "radical apes"


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