> be me
> puzzle game fan
> enjoy a game called crush
> was released on psp and 3ds
> basically switch dimensions and tear your hair out
> anyways, on twitter
> see "crush" trending in US
> maybe this cult classic is getting the recognition it deserves
> anyways, click on crush trend
> its just dream fans, owl house fans, people who put multiple spaces in between their words, and people who talk like one of the worst written homestuck fanfictions imaginable
> oh and people talking about who they have crushes on
> mfw Crush 3D fans oppressed more and more each day
> mfw there are no Crush 3D fans other than me
> mfw :((((
> at least theres no kpop stans in the trends ahahahaha

crush 3d fans rise up
pic of "dream" related

> selects draw something option
> draws
> its a drawing

i dont know what i expected

dude i collapsed for 2 hours today and i still feel tired

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