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I am still alive, even though it might not seem like it.
I haven't been live recently due to the season change, due to the higher bands having better propagation. I might sometimes go on blurrycast, but for now HF is not really viable. Maybe in september or october I will resume.


where do you find gras,s i want to touch it


The Unicode character of the hour is SINHALA LETTER KANTAJA NAASIKYAYA! (ඞ U+0D9E)


looks like it didn't crosspost to twitter

take this as a fediverse exclusive

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speedrun documentary video: for years, the record remained in place, unbroken by other attempts

me, doubtful and smug: hah, of course. the runner had played the game to utter perfection. surely-

speedrun documentary video: until 2019, when-

me, a fool, an utter imbecile:


I feel like my current sexual orientation is "?????a?????�<�mkfs.fat�@
� )�Պ7NO NAME FAT12 �[|�"�t
V���^��2�����This is not a bootable disk. Please insert a bootable floppy and
press any key to try again ...

fully grown men walking around with plush shark toys, people wondering "what in God's name"

yet they do not knoweth that we hath discovered the true meaning of life

Q: What happens when someone finds an electrical shock hazard in an airplane's avionics?

A: Get grounded.

*gets ganked with a molotov by a non-binary furry antifa member named Pancake for being problematic on fedi* you're probably wondering how I got here
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