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so close to being able to use this void linuz machine full time

list of names I have heard for the same creature:
- yippee creature
- tbh (where did this name come from)
- autism creature
- scrunkly (and other similar names)

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I really don't like the phrase "serverless" like... bitch is it running on a computer? that's a server.

instead of doing anything productive for the next 6 ish hours, I'm going to watch the identifying luck: mario party 6 video in its entirety despite me never having played the game

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Master Boot Record (see previous toot for a great song) is a musician who remains painstakingly "on brand" and I freaking love it.

Here are screenshots of actual text-based logos included with one of the albums.

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Twitter is thinking about letting users share their real-time location data with advertisers

I love Linux; it's great. I also think windows gets slightly too much slack for what it is worth. But holy fuck. Getting .NET applications working on Linux under wine is a fucking pain, even with winetricks. Fuck the 50 billion versions of the .NET framework. Die.

workaround: adding video=1920x1080@60me to my kernel parameters.

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Tried dumping my monitor EDID.bin and specifying that specifically on boot. No dice. same dmesg output as before.
I only have two other ideas for this as a whole: Either I have a faulty/old/outdated HDMI cable (SOMEHOW, it COULD be possible), or this is a kernel/amdgpu bug. If it's the latter, that'd be annoying.

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I feel like my current sexual orientation is "?????a?????�<�mkfs.fat�@
� )�Պ7NO NAME FAT12 �[|�"�t
V���^��2�����This is not a bootable disk. Please insert a bootable floppy and
press any key to try again ...

I brought my issue to someone more knowledgeable and they also said it's incredibly strange. like it's 100% a software bug but the kernel doesn't know that there's a bug

it'd be funny if this was a kernel bug

So, more problems with AMDGPU.
AMD GPUs require KMS, so I can't have nomodeset when booting my system. I used nomodeset to install linux-firmware and made sure that all my other amd firmware stuff was up to date.
No dice! the screen is still black upon switching to amdgpu.
NOW! I was like "oh, uh..." and devised a plan: with the screen still black, mount a usb and do dmesg > dmesg.txt in the usb to analyze on a working machine.
I do that, and I see that amdgpu SUCCESSFULLY INITALIZES, but there's STILL the black screen. I'm actually lost at this point. This is ridiculous

looks like the firmware on the live image doesn't support my cpu graphics. adding nomodeset in kernel config fixed the issue.

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update: I set loglevel to 7, and now realize that the computers hangs exactly when it switches framebuffers to `amdgpudrmfb`
this actually has posts online about it, which is nice

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boosts appreciated; I'm having an issue with booting Void Linux on a USB. Read all.

I boot up the live image, I get presented with a GRUB screen, and once I choose either option, I am presented with a bunch of too many entries: ignoring messages (which I doubt are relevant), then a black screen.
I search online and find this Ubuntu ask thread I try putting in acpi=off in the GRUB kernel configuration. This did change something, that being that instead of the screen going to black after the too many entries messages, it just freezes (see img).
With the screen frozen, I try doing what I know is familiar. If I press the numlock key on my keyboard, the numlock light indicating whether it is on or not does change, hinting that stuff is working in the background. I type root then voidlinux to login, then try shutdown -h now. After a few seconds, the numlock light stops responding to me pressing numlock, proving that stuff is still working in the background. However, the system doesn't shut down, and I assume this is because the graphics are hung. If I press the power button in this state, the machine instantly shuts off, making me believe even more that this is a graphics issue.

I have a MAG B550 Torpedo motherboard and a Ryzen 5 5600G Integrated Graphics CPU. I have not tried everything that's in that aforementioned ubuntu ask thread, but I might do so after making this post. I'm simply posting this in case anyone else has ideas.

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