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Just learned this:
use aria2c as your external downloader for youtube-dl(p)

yt-dlp --external-downloader aria2c <link>
this boosted the speed at which yt-dlp downloads from ~1.7MiB/s to ~13MiB/s (which is basically my top download speed)

I think (?) it'll also work with any other program that allows you to have multiple connections at once, might want to experiment with that.
and google shouldn't really care about you doing this and like blacklist you or some shit

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I have successfully killed a $5 8GB usb drive by trying to install void linux twice, both of them failing at installing grub
apparently $5 drives aren't that great to install an entire linux distro on it; who knew!

Android's "share link" is just the worst. Let me copy the link. That's all I ever want to do. Is there any way, third party or not, to just bypass this? make it always copy the link?

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roblox ads are so confusing, like what am i being sold here, what is this implying

/g/ users yelling about bloat then enjoying their scrumptious 20 kgs of lard they have every night

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before I die, I just want to say IT'S OKAY TO LIKE CAT EARS

well, really anything concerning hong kong and its future has become interesting to me as of late.

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I genuinely believe this article to be one of the most interesting articles on wikipedia. I've read it like thrice now.

I'm the sick and twisted motherfucker who loves everything from atmospheric drum and bass to reizokocore

I've been mapping a lot of gimp utility keybinds to the keys close to the left shift button such that I can effectively use a mouse and keyboard at the same time.

Layer crop to content? ctrl+alt+x
Layer crop to selection? ctrl+alt+c
Image crop to content/selection? ctrl+shift+alt+x/c
Floating select? shift+z
Anchor layer? shift+x (easy selection movement)
new layer? ctrl+shift+x

it's all much different than what others might consider intuitive, but keybinds are meant to be changed, and I'm loving what I have so far.

IF you raise minimum wage even ONE DOLLAR above equilibrium there WILL be a labor collapse there WILL be black labor there are NO other outcomes

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my economics textbook really do be teaching me that any amount of regulation is bad and we should let the market be completely free and open and that no consequences will ever come out of that :)

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NEW - For the first time, the super-rich 1% in the U.S. has a larger share of wealth (27%) than the entire middle class (26.6%), according to Federal Reserve data.

I still haven't touched ssh nor do I know how to do anything with it

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The lazy Firefox logo I posted last evening was rushed since it was getting late, so here's a more polished version. Attachment 2 is the transparent version so you can use it as icon

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these Sith are Pissing me off...

i'm the original skywalker

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