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hi i'm spacy nice to meat

finally back on school after recovering from the bricks outside, man i've probably missed a lot and i'm kinda worried lmao

and before someone misinterprets my words, i don't support |\|fts, i want them to tank like anyone else and that's why this whole right click thing bothers me, it's not gonna fail if you keep promoting it and spreading it

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no, you're not le epically owning an |\|FT bro if you reply with a screenshotted |\|FT, no one believes they're a right click victim with serious intent, it's all a ploy to farm interactions, thus spreading their |\|FTs further or some throwaway troll account messing with people

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i pray for the day twitter notices the whole right click movement is just a discrete way of you to interact with |\|FT accounts and promote them

spent the night watching the spunchbob movie in roblox w friends

fnodfdfjksksalskgjhl vkclkdkfdpqowoeirhtnskgkdlfkanglakdkfnw

my fat ass thought this was fried chicken


Where do you stand on the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller?


i really need to find a good USB disk drive, i have a lot of shit to archive

accidentally opened up a simpleflips video in front of my mother and the first two words were "HUGE DICK"

thou shall not add a snow overlay to your website in christmas

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