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hi i'm spacy nice to meat

roblox ads are so confusing, like what am i being sold here, what is this implying

i hate the term soy boy because soy milk fucking rocks alright, it tastes really good.

And before someone says "oh but testosterone goes down", so what, i'm trying to achieve that to begin with so it's a win in all cases

I remember when i was a dumb kid that heard of username 666 it scared me so fucking badly i couldn't turn on my computer for like a day because i was afraid of it, i remember also it scaring me so fucking badly i said how before i died i'd check out the website to check if it was real

oh god i just remembered using to have a really fucking bad 2 gb win7 pc i ended up killing because i constantly elevated process priorities, i don't know for how long i had it but it was def >2017 because i remember playing enter the gungeon on it (which obviously ran as smooth as sliding a rock against a brick wall)

yo anyone remember that jerma stream where he ragged on ubuntu for almost an hour

this image is so fucking stupid yet I'm going to pop a lung because of it

got vaccinated, i feel the omega 6G cumblast coursing trough my veins (image unrelated)

high pitched noises, rapidly moving images 


fuck using like GTA 5 to benchmark a pc just use and mildly large forge minecraft modpack and if it can handle that it can handle everything else

wtf were british people on why they name island sus sex

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