what are the foss emulators with the best perfomance/accuracy

how do i get alsa to let me use 2 programs at once since i cant like have youtube and aplay /dev/urandom running at the same time

if minecraft breaks almost all keyboard input then what kind of spaghetti code is it, x11 spaghetti code? or java spaghetti code

anyone have a libvirt alternative that ACTUALLY WORKS

is it ok to use one boot partition for 2 linux distros

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While we're on the subject of free software birthdays: happy birthday to LibreOffice! It's one of the programs in regular use at the FSF.

i might play all the metroids with the first one as zero mission and the second one as am2r

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steam deck, right to repair 

Valve has put out a new video showing a teardown of their new Steam Deck console. The thumbnail literally says "You shouldn't do any of this." The video itself explains the (perfectly valid) reasons why, but also shows how to do it properly if you're gonna do it anyway. They also mention that you can buy replacement parts directly from Valve.

This is honestly a really great stance for a hardware manufacturer to take on the Right to Repair movement. WARN, don't restrict.

See, Apple? Is that so hard?

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