hot take trans internet shouldn't steal ralsei and kirby
their whole character comes from being strong boys who disrespect gender roles and take down capitalism while being cute as heck
i will protect my boys
why is it that whenever i open the instance of some racist idiot all of their posts are about how much they hate blacks and gays. bro calm down

After like 2 days on here, I've started following cool people I would have never found on Twitter and it's so awesome. I like it here, a lot.

The Mirror Fediverse is shorthand for all the servers full of hard racists, fascists, abusers, etc.

If you come with some horrible shit, people won't just block you; they'll report you and talk about doing so. If your server admin doesn't shut your shit down, isn't seen to be taking action, we'll talk loudly about THAT, too, often using the #fediblock tag.

Your server will start disappearing—not for you, but to everyone else. You'll softly and suddenly vanish away.

Be good. #feditips

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@emma please emma, I don't wanna be joker, I'm already a joke

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