Hasbro is making Power Rangers NFTs. In other words, Power Rangers is dead. I hope the people behind the stock Super Sentai footage sues.

Since Steam banned NFTs, how about we report Dead by Daylight for the presence of such?

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omg viral fediverse post (5 boosts, 4 favorites)

cant wait for dream to rig the mob vote again because his brain dead fans would rather listen to him than vote for what they want

im into NFTs

N - destroying
F - the
T - environment

Is Star Citizen our generation's Duke Nukem Forever?


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On a similar note, what's the record strictly on WDW? @esm do you know?

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I wonder: what's the most boosted/favorited toot in the fediverse?

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so, uh

maybe it's a good idea for users and developers to stop relying on single platforms for everything?

are we gonna get a mastodon/fediverse revival today?

On god, every federal sign I tear down, two municipal signs pop up in their place.

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