Redditors be like "my house burned down, my whole family died, I'm the only survivor but I just got run over by the fire truck, better post it on r/Wellthatsucks!"

I'm pretty sure birdsite forced me to update my app (which was pre-redesign) in order to be able to work.

can't wait for unfunny people to associate every slap in the face to Will Smith the same way the word "impostor" is forever associated to among us

so i got a blåhaj and I bought Celeste, the only other thing I need is a few fumos

youngboy pfps on their way to contradict people like a 5 year old

deleting my tweet after a youngboy pfp replies so they look like they're talking to nobody

phew thank god this hashtag exists it'll definitely make him stop

1) there's a war going on
2) how do so many people suck at wordle

the whole Texas/Florida thing 

"Land of the free" my ass.

i cant wait to see nintendo publicly execute gilvasunner

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