In my dream there was a game where a school was split into 9 levels and 2 basements, and the goal was to get out, but mainly what I did was accidentally walked around until I encountered The Pig, which was a regular pig that would follow you everywhere if it saw you. It could teleport so you couldn’t just outrun it and get it lost. You had to find a shower to remove your scent so The Pig wouldn’t recognize you

I have a render for you all but it looks like I can't post images right now? 500 error. Huh

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might be a good idea to use something like searxng or whoogle to get around this, it's difficult to trace searches back to an individual using those


NPR announced today, that if you live in a state in which abortion is now or will be illegal, be careful what you google. Law enforcement can use your searches to arrest or convict you.


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Sorry for the lull. Finals are something else. I was working on a film for the past three weeks. Now that I've turned it in I think it was actually pretty rewarding

Win10 Pro until Win11 is absolutely required at which point I’m going all-Mac and just giving up gaming/buying a console

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⚠️Windows 11 Build 22616 enforces Microsoft Account requirement in Pro edition

▪️Microsoft today released Windows 11 Build 22616 to the Dev and Beta Channels. It now requires you to enter Microsoft Account details when installing the OS for personal use.

▪️Another change in this release is the removal of the updated system tray in the taskbar. Microsoft has restored the "classic" icon management with drag-n-drop.

The rest of the changes are just regular bugfixes.


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