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just booted into windows for the first time in many months on my laptop and the first thing it did was inform me about a time bomb set for my windows build to october 31st

cool operating system 👍

i don't know, that smiley face doesn't convince me

inb4 the actual site is still up but the domain expired

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something's very off about how this was handled, there was seemingly no prior announcement or communication regarding it, and for all we know they might still have the database intact

this seems like it breaks a couple of laws, i wonder if there was some outside intervention?

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CuriousCat is gone. 'Client requested deletion' and the entire domain is due to be purged in the coming days, apparently.

Be sure to remove it from your connected apps in your Twitter security settings, in the meantime.


decided to replace the deflate compression used for minecraft worlds with zstandard just to see what would happen

zstandard on left, deflate on right, same world seed on both, this could likely be useful on larger servers for smaller world sizes and faster disk i/o

unlike SID tunes there's no emulation involved, so you can produce similar sound without added bloat or processing power

you also wouldn't have to deal with samples taking up a lots of space unlike MODs, you can even get as many channels as XM using the derivative HVL format

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i wonder how efficient it would be to use an AHX tune in a keygen/intro instead of MOD/XM

AHX tunes tend to be less than 8 KB in size, so you'd really only have to worry about the size of the player

just got hospitalized for my spongebob addiction. they put me in the squid ward

arch-based distro users: want to get the most out of their hardware, probably a normal person with an amount of tech knowledge

pure arch users: death by firing squad

xfinity, cox, spectrum, altice, verizon, and many other isps upon realizing that the web is supposed to be an open environment where anyone can freely put themselves out there and not just another outlet to consume media created by large entities:

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