@esm aaaaaand it loads a fatass closed source binary blob for OpenGL/Vulkan/CUDA stuff. Its barely open sourced and it seems to me like they only (barely) care to do this for their workstation cards.

I doubt this will be officially accepted into the kernel.
@IoI_xD @esm this is like when you have dementia and you forget you killed 27 people between 1978 and 1983 and then you remember (!) it and you feel bad but then remember (!!!) it felt powerful so you do it again but this time you get caught and tried for all your past crimes
@esm see CUDA is NVIDIA's baby child of course they're not open source, but aren't OpenGL/Vulkan are practically open standards? And the former was made by a company who went fucken bankrupt? Does it really make a difference for this to be closed source?
@esm final note that i swore i added, in the press release the linux foundation did not have any statement. i don't think this is gonna be officially put into the kernel lol.

@IoI_xD looks like nvidia is still nvidia... but at least it's something, right

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