looking for an x86 system that can load from a cd/floppy into 8mb of ram and can be used to back up a hard drive to a couple of cds

seems like Tiny SliTaz is what I was looking for, it fits the criteria and has tools like dd that will be useful:

okay so it seems like I have another issue to deal with, I tried using both a slitaz floppy disk and an ms-dos 6.22 bootdisk and neither one would boot, with the BIOS on the system giving a "no operating system found" error

the system in question is a dell latitude lm

@Ezio perhaps i could use a DOS bootdisk, is there an equivalent to dd on there though

@esm im pretty sure theres something, disk backup tools where around then. shit like norton ghost or whatever.

idk of any exactly like dd but
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