@esm i looked into it a bit, could *possibly* be a BIOS beep code. i found some other people having the same experience and the fixes, and found this

@rebaia it doesn't just seem like a standard beep though, that's the thing

@esm yeah, i was thinking that. i tried to identify it in the second video due to the fact i could see the "dell" logo and that the site says

Dell beep codes are all the same length. You need to listen for how often a beep is repeated after a short pause. This is indicated by the figures and dashes in the following table. For example, “1 – 2” means “Beep – Beep Beep”.

but couldnt identify it. mightve just been the video being cut short, but i dunno

@rebaia for reference the model is a latitude LM, model number TS30GI

@esm from what i'm reading, the most common cause for a dell laptop to emit a siren-like sound seems to be the computer worrying about the CPU's temperature. if this is the case, the cooling for the CPU might be either having a voltage issue, or not getting sufficient power to spin enough to cool the CPU

@rebaia ah, that makes since, especially since i had it hooked up to a surge protector hub

thanks for the help

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