@marsupialgutz Revolt is shit, Guilded is shit, Matrix is good but doesn't match the feature set and convinience

Nothing comes close, so of course nobody's gonna come over

@marsupialgutz if it's actually good enough it'll be just the same as trying to get people to move from skype, you start off by saying "hey check out how good this is", people will use it alongside the old one, then slowly people stop using the old one

still waiting for a true FOSS and federated Discord alternative

i will say a £250 one-time payment for final cut, while still hefty and overpriced, is so much better than a ~£220 per year subscription that adobe's asking you for today (and that's for just premiere)

then again i'd imagine a lot of the profit apple makes from final cut comes from the actual mac hardware since it's exclusive to there

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currently trying to learn a new video editor (final cut pro) - muscle memory is a killer when trying to search for and do things that i've already memorised how to do in premiere

@samgai most are at least moderately okay to understand, but if it is intentionally poorly written to make it harder to understand then that tells you everything you need to know (you should not use the service)

valve try not to fuck over indie game developers by falsely labelling their games as incompatible challenge (instant failure)

buying an unupgradable laptop with 512gb ssd and 16gb ram in 2022 was my biggest mistake

life protip: get an iPod or a similar, high quality, dedicated music player - they normally go for less than $100 used and its so much better than pissing about with dongles or your music getting interrupted by a notification on your phone

@thatonecalculator Calc Fucks Up His System Live On Misskey Public Timeline⁉️

just plugged in my ps3 to play some games only to find that there are no games...

people really need to understand just how insane it is that every single process that you run inherits every permission from you - anything you can do (without sudo/admin), the application can do
which sounds reasonable right? if the user runs something they expect to trust what they run

but let's take a game, for example Minecraft. the only permissions that game needs is access to its own files for loading and saving and access to the keyboard in mouse while in use. but right now it has every single permission that your PC user has. if someone's able to exploit your Minecraft (e.g. with the Log4shell vulnerability), they can do ANYTHING on your computer that you can do, they can read all keypresses even when the game isn't in focus, they can send your screen to a remote server, they can siphon off your saved passwords and login cookies

with sandboxing that shit would not fly at all, the worst you could do is be a minor annoyance and delete their game files or mess with the game's behaviour itself

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i don't think the general public understands just how important sandboxing is for desktop computing

Windows has no sandboxing, desktop Linux distros are usually hit or miss, and macOS, while very good, still has some flaws and concerns over control

when im in a making awful netcode competition and my competition is demonware

what's a pirate's favourite letter of the alphabet 

you'd think it'd be R, but their true love be the C

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