valve try not to fuck over indie game developers by falsely labelling their games as incompatible challenge (instant failure)

it took a few hours, but i was able to get it to boot! most of that time was figuring out how to get it to boot from an external USB hard drive, since the in-build kernel initrd doesn't account for that

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installing Ubuntu 11.10 on the xbox instead, since there are already install scripts for it so it's easier for me, still gonna see how far i can go in terms of distro support (maybe trying to compile some of the free60 3.x patches, or getting the 5.12 patchset to compile to a working kernel)

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a PS3 and PS Vita system update was released to disable password login (only allowing app passwords for accounts with 2FA) and removing some account/store settings pages, presumably because those endpoints are rotting

idk how people can jump to conclusions like this though

interestingly the Steam Deck compatibility manifest shows "requires_h264" as an option

Valve sometimes incorrectly labels x86_64-capable games on Steam...

time to scrape my entire library's executable collection and check mach-o headers lol

i'm installing ctgp 1.03.1094-4 this will take approximately 47 decades

I got RB3Enhanced (a Rock Band 3 mod made by a friend and I) running under the Xenia emulator

perfectly acceptable* method of charging a macbook btw

  • just because you can doesn't mean you should

i think i am the first person to compile Xbox 360 binary on an M1 Mac

the experiment of compiling an Xbox 360 binary on an M1 mac is not going well, neither Wine nor Windows 11 under Parallels is working :/

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