might try to bring up ubuntu 12.04 on my xbox 360 if i can be bothered trying to set all that up

the latest precompiled kernel i can find is Linux version, compiled on Feb 16, 2012 so i'm assuming that version would be fine for 12.04

(i can't figure out how to get newer versions compiled otherwise i'd be trying a newer distro, maybe void-ppc)


installing Ubuntu 11.10 on the xbox instead, since there are already install scripts for it so it's easier for me, still gonna see how far i can go in terms of distro support (maybe trying to compile some of the free60 3.x patches, or getting the 5.12 patchset to compile to a working kernel)

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it took a few hours, but i was able to get it to boot! most of that time was figuring out how to get it to boot from an external USB hard drive, since the in-build kernel initrd doesn't account for that

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