can i make an analysis tool that detects an OS based on the font kerning in a screenshot

Intel should've never bribed Microsoft to discontinue Windows NT for PowerPC tbh

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i really wish desktop computing had a more diverse set of instruction sets from the beginning so people didn't get used to x86 being the default

macOS has fat binaries, Linux has arch-specific package repos, so it's (mostly) fine on those two platforms...

but Windows is a lost cause they are never gonna be able to drop the 32-bit x86 compatibility layer, PE files only support 1 architecture so the only platform-agnostic method is to use the x86 compatibility layer to then bootstrap a more native binary

like, sure, CrossOver (Mac) and Proton (Linux) can handle the latest ver of rocket league just fine, but with lessened performance (especially on Mac, where it has to go through x86_64->ARM64 JIT and DirectX->Vulkan->Metal, since Rocket League doesn't use Vulkan on Windows)

it's not like Epic Games Launcher doesn't support Mac either there was just no reason for them to do it

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i think a lot about how Epic Games forced Rocket League off of Mac and Linux for absolutely 0 reason

i sometimes open rocket league just to listen to the ost

"I sure wish that the smartphone app store market was cornered so developers are restricted in creativity and forced to bend to a duopoly's demands"

Google and Apple:

here are some fun analytics regarding local IP subnetting that i've discovered from analysing certain data points, out of a sample size of approximately 34k users

~2% of people use as their local subnet
~10.5% of people use as their local subnet
~21.5% of people use as their local subnet
~34.3% of people use as their local subnet
~29% of people use some other 192.168.x.0/24 as their local subnet

macbooks would sell more if they were called morbiusbooks


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Mastodon would have more users if it was called Morbiustodon

Nintendo filed a patent for self-checking code to verify that a game hasn't been tampered with, an idea that Microsoft would go on to shamelessly steal 18+ years prior

There was heavy rain tonight, and now it's quite cold. The cats are not amused.

#Qualitätskatzen #CatsOfMastodon #cats #Mastocats #CatContent #Greece #Agistri
(photo: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

some examples of JavaScript code that is considered non-trivial by the Free Software Foundation:

program 1:
document.getElementById("text").innerHTML = "Hello world!";

program 2:
var arr = [];
for (var i = 0; i < 51; i++) arr.push(i);

program 3:

program 4:
var obj = { a: "a" };

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