sorry to anyone who has any sort of notifications from me and is subject to my twitter behavior of starring everything in sight

i don't actually know if other people do this or not because my instance will not show me how many outside instances star other people's posts but i feel very out of place and i am sorry if i'm like the only one who does this here :forcedsmile:

every post is just ⭐0 ⭐0 ⭐0 ⭐0 and when i make that into a ⭐1 i feel like i am disturbing the peace . I am being disruptive. Why are you being a starrer stop that

but yeah sorry ??? if i am ??? i dunno maybe you're on a huge instance and everything is like ⭐231 but to me it's all zeros :ehmm:


@frostbite most ppl don't care. also keep in mind that it only shows the number of stars from instances or people that you are federating with, so it's likely much higher on the original instance

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