Today on Linux Desktop: routine update made most of the icons turn blue or disappear.

@kayden the year of the linux desktop was over a decade ago, we just need to return.
(half joking, but I can't deny that I want a desktop that feels like what I imagine these images to be like from time to time)

@Yoshi @kayden I've been using Linux for 23 years. I would say Linux as a desktop peaked around 2008.

@Yoshi @kayden In terms of reliability, I would say right now it's about as bad as it was in 2001 or 2002. If it gets worse, it will actually have regressed to worse than when I started using it in 1999.


@cancel @kayden yea I've heard from many people on the internet that the late 2000s was the peak of the desktop. not nearly old enough nor knowledgeable enough to know how it was back then, though. how exactly was the readability? what faults did it have? what did 2008 have right?

@Yoshi @kayden Some people poured a bunch of money and effort into Ubuntu, which was reliable and easy to use in its first few releases.

IBM had only recently sold its ThinkPad division to Lenovo. It would take a few more years for the effects of that to set in. Until then, there were lots of reliable and high-quality laptops still on the market.

Apple had only recently started to make computers that were price-competitive, and the effects weren't visible yet.

@Yoshi @kayden

Software that only ran in web browsers was niche.

Android and iOS barely existed. (iOS was still called iPhone Firmware.)

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